Laminated floors, tiles, wallpaper & more!


Laminated floors are perfect for high traffic areas and homes with active families. They offer the stylish look of wood along with exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements, We stock over 30 different ranges of European manufactured laminate flooring that gives you over 270 colour choices.

Engineered wooden flooring have become much in demand recently. Engineered floors is manufactured in a multi layered system with real hardwood as the top layer and supported by rubberwood – a plantation wood in center and provided with soft wood at the base, As they are a natural product not one plank looks the same, and they can be sanded down in later years and resealed to restore them to their original look.

Woodlook Vinyl flooring has becomes increasingly popular over the last couple of years. This is due to the fact that they are a 100% waterproof and lack the noise of a woodlook floors. With vinyl flooring you get the look of wood but with added peace of mind.

Glue Vinyls are ideal for newly build houses where the subsurface is perfectly smooth. The sub-floor that the vinyl tiles are laid on should be leveled with a self leveling screed to provide the ideal finish for home, office or commercial purpose.

Click Vinyls can be installed over existing tiles are more forgiving over uneven surfaces that has a 2 – 3mm evenness. They are ideal for your renovation project and do not have the fuss of uplifting tiles and screening. For a no mess no fuss solution in wet areas this will be the perfect option.

100% waterproof flooring


We have a large selection of blind options perfectly fitted for your home. Blinds are measured to perfectly fit your specific windows.

Choose between Venetian blinds in aluminium or bass in a wide variety of colours. Venetian blinds offer control of the amount of light that fills the area. Roller Blinds offer complete block out to remove all light to sunscreen that filters light through.

Blinds are cost effective, easy to clean and can be fitted inside the windows so you can maximize your living space.

We boast the most affordable prices on our blinds. It takes 5 to 7 working days for manufacturing and we come to you for measurements at no extra charge. We offer an installation fee for your convenience at a minimum charge.