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Your existing Home into your dream home.

We work hand in hand with our affiliated company Classic Construction to provide you

With a one stop service to completely transform your home.

We specialize in home renovations that transform your existing home into a fresh new and exciting space. We offer you the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your living spaces.

Benefits Of


The benefits of renovating your home are vast and varied. Firstly, it’s an opportunity to add visual appeal and character to your home as well as adding value to your existing property. Our high-quality craftmanship and expertise not only provide stunning results but also gives you and your family the living space that you can thrive in, making your investment last for years to come.

Our creativity and years of experience helps us to see things differently and enable us to provide the best advise and strategy in realising your vision for your living space.

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Home Renovation

We offer complete renovation services

Vinyl Flooring

The Best Option For Your Home

What ever your needs are to transform your existing space, our experience and expertise will be there to assist and advise you at every step.

The advantages of using one company to do your renovation and overseeing all required projects on a renovation takes the headache out of coordinating different service providers. Your site will be managed by a team of professionals that would manage your project efficiently and expertly, allowing you to focus on your style and needs for your dream home.

Embrace the journey of renovation with us and experience the beauty of a revitalized living space.

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Quality you can walk on.

FLOORS & MORE will not cut any corners when it comes to your wood floor installations. We ensure a top quality end product! Contact us today.

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